Current Weather Conditions

Current Weather Conditions

Current conditions in Clay County using various sources to give you the best information available. All graphics are real time and updated each time the page is loaded.

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In South Dakota, flooding is typically a result of runoff from excess rainfall during the spring, summer and fall seasons, or runoff from melting snow during the spring.  Flooding can occur as a result of localized precipitation, or flooding can occur due to excess precipitation occurring outside the region but resulting in elevated river levels flowing downstream from areas where the excess precipitation occurred.

Clay County has the Vermillion River running from North to South through the center of the county along with the Missouri River acting as the Southern border between South Dakota and Nebraska. Both rivers play a role in day to day activities for the residents of the County.

Current water levels in Clay County, data is courtesy of The National Weather Service. Click on any of the graphs to see more detailed information.

Follow this link to view the inflow and outflow data for the dams in the Missouri River basin.

The Vermillion River

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The Missouri River

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