NIMS Requirements

In order to make sure every agency is on the same page, the following are the requirements for the Incident Command and NIMS certification, at this time. Requirements may change at any time depending on directives from State and Federal agencies. If you have any questions, please contact Layne Stewart for clarification

Identification Of Training Components

The following classes are the recommended training relevant to NIMS implementation. The classes available on-line have the class number in parenthesis to ensure you are taking the correct class.

  • NIMS (IS 700.A) – National Incident Management System (NIMS), Online Independent Study or 2 hour classroom delivery
  • NRP (IS 800.B) – National Response Plan, Online Independent Study
  • ICS 100 (IS 100) – Basic Incident Command System, Online Independent Study or 8 hours classroom delivery
  • ICS 200 (IS 200) – Basic Incident Command System, Online Independent Study or 12 hours classroom delivery
  • ICS 300 – Incident Command System (NWCG or Equivalent), 17 hours classroom delivery
  • ICS 400 – Incident Command System (NWCG or Equivalent), 13 hours classroom delivery

Command and General Staff

  • Examples: Select department heads with multi-agency coordination system responsibilities, Area Commanders, Emergency Managers, and multi-agency coordination system / emergency operations center managers.
  • Basic Courses: ICS 100 (IS 100), ICS 200 (IS 200), NIMS (IS 700.A), NRP (IS 800.B)
  • Additional Courses: ICS 300, ICS 400

Middle Management

  • Examples: Strike Team Leaders, Task Force Leaders, Unit Leaders, Division / Group Supervisors, Branch Directors, EOC Staff
  • Basic Courses: ICS 100 (IS 100), ICS 200 (IS 200), NIMS (IS 700), NRP (IS 800.B)
  • Additional Course: ICS 300

First Line Supervisors

  • Examples: Single Resource Leaders, Field Supervisors
  • Basic Courses: ICS 100 (IS 100), ICS 200 (IS 200), NIMS (IS 700)

Entry Level First Responders & Disaster Workers

  • Examples: EMS Personnel, Firefighters, Hospital Staff, Law Enforcement Personnel, Public Health Personnel, Public Works / Utility Personnel, Skilled Support
  • Basic Courses: ICS 100 (IS 100), NIMS (IS 700)
  • Additional Courses: ICS 200 (IS 200)

Elected or Appointed Officials

  • The NIMS Integration Center strongly recommends that all elected officials who will be interacting with multiple jurisdictions and agencies during an emergency incident at the minimum, complete IS 700 and ICS 100. These courses provide a basic understanding of the National Incident Management System and the Incident Command System. Everyone directly involved in managing an emergency should understand the command reporting structures, common terminology and roles and responsibilities inherent in a response operation.
  • In Clay County, we have adopted a standard of ICS 100 (IS 100), ICS 200 (IS 200) and NIMS (IS700) to be completed by all elected and appointed officials