Welcome to the Clay County Emergency Management website.

The Clay County Office of Emergency Management is charged with the overall mission of protecting Clay County’s citizens and their property from the effects of natural, man made and technological disasters.

For more information, call 605.677.7185 or send an email to Layne Stewart

Time to break out the thermal underwear. https://www.facebook.com/139950789419128/posts/2600359313378251/

If traveling next week, snow expected to our north. https://www.facebook.com/claycountysdoem/posts/2598693376878178

Missouri River flow information. https://www.yankton.net/community/article_ba09ce72-17de-11ea-8056-97ce4de9d442.html?fbclid=IwAR2z7qpk4WM156t2Mxjc-634ca69jSAJ8XWLjQiEpM_-uDq9I85aGFNCqEM

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